「SCIENCE」by Davide Sakure to be released in January 2021

SCIENCE cover artwork

Another one of Davide Sakure’s tracks created during Corona Quarantine will be released in January 2021: 「SCIENCE」is coming up.

SCIENCE cover art poster

「SCIENCE」is electronic music, inspired by the work of scientists, especially during the Corona crisis. Davide Sakure says: “In this crisis, many people have realized the significance of scientific research and scientific communication. Like a lot of people I followed various press conferences and watched documentaries about the coronavirus, virology etcetera. My track SCIENCE was created under all these impressions. I find science interesting. Electronic instruments such as synthesizers or even computers or smartphones would be unthinkable without scientific research. The game between curiosity, constant questioning, attempts and results works. It definitely works.”

「SCIENCE」will be released as single on January 15, 2021. Release is worldwide.


20 free download vouchers of the upcoming single SCIENCE (release January 15, 2020)! The campaign happens between January 1 and January 12, 2021. The raffle and subsequent notification of the winners by email will take place on January 13, 2021.