OUTDATED: Davide’s last words

Update: The content of this post is now outdated as of Davide decided on December 13, 2020 to continue releasing music under his real name Thomas Alexander Kolbe and in slow pace.

Hey guys, I’m Davide … and I also imagined my retirement differently. But that’s life … even if some things seem to happen suddenly, they were preceded by a long process.

I’ve really tried hard in the last 2 years to produce a few memorable tracks with the hope that you like them to hear. I received a lot of nice words and it seems that you enjoy listening to the tracks. Thank you very much for looking at me with warm eyes and for your support!

Unfortunately, I have suffered from neurological problems for many years, and now the consequences of which have recently made it more and more difficult to me to manage my everyday life properly. I currently have to take very strong neuroleptics and other medications so that I can manage some basics of a regular daily routine and get a little sleep (like 2-3 hours, I have chronic insomnia). I was recently hospitalized in Tokyo and will have to go to Berlin hospital (Charité) again in February. I was actually supposed to go to the Charité in December, but this was postponed due to the corona pandemic situation in Germany.

In August 2020, my neurologists gave me the urgent recommendation to take early retirement and the associated weekly care. This care is paid by my German pension insurance. I have now decided that I will step down and give priority to my health.

I’ll do a little more music as a hobby. Professionally, the topic is now ticked off for me. Davide Sakure was only one of the pseudonyms I worked under. I enjoyed working with music acts, organizers and agencies. I would like to thank everyone who recently accompanied me with joy. It was an honor to work for you and with you! All the best!

Thanks again and thank you for reading till the end.

Davide Sakure

That’s it! Take care!