EP “At the Beginning of a Dream” release in February 2021!

AT THE BEGINNING OF A DREAM by Thomas Alexander Kolbe

AT THE BEGINNING OF A DREAM marks the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the electronic music creator Thomas Alexander Kolbe: the first release under his own name.

The first release comes as a digital 3-track EP (plus bonus track) with three dreamy instrumental electronic tracks, taking us on a journey through wonderful soundscapes made from field recordings, pearly sequencers, melodic lead synthesizers and wonderful pad sounds.

Release date is Friday, February 12th, 2021. Label is TMM Stardust.


  1. At the Beginning of a Dream (duration 00:06:23)
  2. The Other End of the Universe (duration 00:07:15)
  3. 祈り (Inori) (duration 00:06:15)
  4. Bonus: 祈り (Inori) demo version (00:06:20)

* the duration information may vary