Why I deactivated comments on SoundCloud

Thomas Alexander Kolbe comment

Hey guys, Tom here … 😁

some people’s reaction is confused about my deactivation of comments on my SoundCloud account. Here’s the answer.

tl;dr The comments function on SoundCloud is misused by spammers for their “buy real soundcoud listeners” bullshit every time I upload a track. Finally … I was tired of it and I deactivated the comment function below my tracks.

Aside from the fact that I hate these countless scams on the digital music platforms, I just don’t feel like deleting the spam comments and constantly reporting the spammers to SoundCloud without anything actually happening. When will these business models finally be banned and prosecuted? Because those with lost sales are the honest artists. The Loss of revenue is caused by the manipulation of the playback algorithms through purchased plays or fake listeners. Stop it, stop the fraud. I’ll not give a platform to those scammers on my SoundCloud and so deactivated comments below my tracks because the platform is not able to handle the problem in other ways.