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Thomas Alexander Kolbe
Thomas Alexander Kolbe

Thomas Alexander Kolbe was born on March 25, 1967 in Potsdam, Germany. He lives in Japan (Nagoya) and in Germany (Berlin).

Kolbe is a music composer, keyboardist and music producer. He released own tracks and songs under pseudonyms like TOPAZZ, Tom Topazz, Davide Sakure and others. Apart from that, Kolbe works as ghost writer, ghost producer and creator of sync music.

Thomas Alexander Kolbes music has been described as ethereal, dark, atmospheric, powerful … however, Kolbe produced and produces danceable electronic music as well as relaxed electronic music.

In December 2020, Kolbe decided to release tracks and songs under his real name.

Kolbe owns the music label TMM Stardust.

And now … enjoy the music, enjoy your stay! 🙂

Thank you!